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A New Start

Posted by Paige Doherty on

Hello again everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, but this summer and the start of fall have been amazing and crazy busy. I noticed I walk way more now in a day because most of us don’t have access to a car. My average number of steps per day for this first month of school has been 13,000. I topped 22,000 steps on the first Saturday I was here. I’m also loving being walking distance from a gym.

College is a unique experience. It’s a beautiful time in which people come together from different backgrounds in search of an education, both academically and culturally. Conversations on a variety of topics can be overhead at all hours of the day. People have the opportunity to start anew here, build a reputation from scratch.

Eating healthy is a bit of a challenge, and I’ve been trying to focus on balancing school, social life, and sleep. I try to eat lots of fresh fruit and protein. College is just like they show you in the movies, except for the fact that you’re studying and in class for at least half of your day. I’m really enjoying myself here, and hope to be updating all of you on my college adventure with my Funktional Wearable bracelets soon.

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Day to Night

One of my favorite aspects of the Funktional Wearables line is not only how they disguise fitness trackers, but they are also very versatile. This weekend, I went to Little Italy in San Diego with my parents and also to one of my friend’s graduation parties. I wore my Silver Sloan bracelet to both occasions, and [...]

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Travel Tips and New Hampshire

This week, I went to New Hampshire to see my family. A couple quick travel tips: 1. Pack light and travel with only carry-on luggage, if you can. Airports can get crazy and you definitely don't want to be waiting around for your luggage after a long flight! 2. Bring an empty refillable water bottle with you [...]

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Graduation, The Fair, and Future Plans

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't written in a while. This past week has been a busy one. I graduated high school! Congratulations to those who celebrated their own or their loved one’s milestones this month. I graduated Thursday night and it was very bittersweet; high school was a great time of [...]

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Travelogue: Paso Robles

Fresh flowers, bold brushstrokes, the sound of live music and laughter in the air. The Paso Robles Artsfest fills downtown Paso Robles every year with fun, fine art, and live music. This year, my Mom was juried into the event as a featured artist, so the family piled into our car and off we went. The [...]

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Hiking and Other Sneaky Ways to Get Those Steps In!

This Saturday, my family went on a hike up to the peak of Bernardo Mountain. We used to go on hikes a lot when my brothers and I were younger and life was a little simpler; a little less hectic. I remembered how much I loved the sense of accomplishment that comes with looking back [...]

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First Week (and Prom!) with a Fitbit

This was actually my first week with a fitness tracker (Fitbit Flex), and I absolutely loved it. I started paying more attention to my steps and walked more, taking longer routes to class or parking further away at work. I also felt more motivated to go running, even if it was only two miles on [...]

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New Blogger Spotlight!

Hello, hello everyone! My name is Paige Doherty, and I’ll be blogging every week on Funktional Wearables. I’m very excited to join the Funktional team, and I love their jewelry! My favorite piece right now is either the Rosie or the Tinley.So, a little about me: I am graduating from Rancho Bernardo High School, in [...]

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30 Day Walking Challenge to Get to 10,000 Steps with your Fitness Tracker

This Walking Challenge from MyFitnessPal will get you to 10,000 steps in no time!

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Compare FitBit Fitness Trackers

Sometime's it's hard to decide! If you've been eyeing the incredible FitBit Activity Trackers, but can't decide which one you should get, this post is for you. We had a hard time, too. We ultimately went with the FitBit Flex, because of the goal setting feature. This allows you to set fitness and health goals [...]

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